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  • Little Back Ring 3

    This is another of the series "Little Black Ring".
    It has a large Hematite, again facetted, along with a border of 1-pointer white diamonds, and a border of 1-pointer black diamonds. It is in 18karat white gold, which we have left un-plated.

    I love framing the negative space around the culet of a gemstone, even if most of the time you don't get to see it.

    Rather than coating with a Rhodium finish like most of manufactured jewellery, we have left the ring with the natural colour of the white gold. This is something that we do a lot and something that I may post about in greater depth at some point in the future. There is a warmth to the colour tone of 18karat white gold which can compliment a lot of jewellery and gemstones instead of artificially masking it to look brighter, and then having it erode and wear off.
    This is a good example, I really think that the white gold compliments the subtle warmth of tone in the Hematite, which has a very slight metallic green hue to the "black".