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  • Little Black Ring

    It has been a busy few weeks, thankfully, getting everyones pieces ready for christmas.
    The finish line is in sight now, and the little elves are falling asleep on their feet and looking forward to Santa Claus.
    Thought we would post something small and simple to keep the blog ticking over, and perhaps the nicest small and succinct idea from our archives is the "Little Black Ring".
    We wanted to have a series that we could add to that would be an antithesis to the bright sparkle of most regular jewellery, but not sacrifice the idea of glamour and style. And we arrived at the idea of something that would sit in a woman's wardrobe as a staple item and eternally be ready to step out in and look a million dollars. Just like the little black dress, no woman's armoury is complete without a Little Black Ring !

    We chose for LBR-1 a large Hematite with a beautiful dark metallic grey/green gemstone. 
    The beauty of this stone is that though it is opaque, it is still cut in the fashion of a Round Brilliant, so you get the beauty of the symmetry and the faceting that your eye isn't usually drawn to. To our mind this is one of the most interesting gem stones we have seen. Given the interesting visual of the cutting, we couldn't resist opening up some of the underneath to highlight more of the stone.
    And of course framing the dark circle with a border of small 1-point diamonds lifts the whole thing.
    We have made I think 4 versions of Little Black Rings to date.
    They are available to commission from our studio and also through DesignYard's fine jewellery gallery in Dublin's city centre.