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  • A pair of gold rings.

    A pair of gold rings.

    I have had in mind to get these pieces photographed for a long time now, and serendipitously they came back to us last week for a service and a polish.

    They incorporate a lot of the elements that we love in bespoke rings. There was a basic preference for two different colours of gold, which happens a lot and most people assume presents a difficulty that can't be worked around for a pair of rings to be a set. We took a single shape that is cut to make two individual rings, the division between the two colours of gold follows a different curve, so each ring is predominantly one colour with a small hint of the second ring. 

    We also had a contour line run diagonally across the rings and set a small channel of orange diamonds along this edge.

    The colour of the diamonds adds a lovely degree of subtlety to the pair. For highlights a coloured diamond can make a very strong statement when it is working in conjunction with the colour of the metal. For this design I think a white diamond would have been too stark while the orange brings a nice warmth to the rings.