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  • back once again...

    It's been a while, work has been all consuming for the last few months.
    You get a chance to lift your head from your bench for a moment and realize that it's the end of December and christmas is only days away.

    We've been lucky enough to make some really unusual and inspiring pieces this year, and we've even managed to get a couple of them photographed before they flew out of the workshop.
    I will enjoy posting them over the coming months.
    There are a few pieces which are close to my heart for the subtleties and nuances that were involved in discovering the designs.

    For now, and to get back posting, I thought I'd show one of my personal favourites.
    This has been in my mind for the last 15 years, ever since I came across the existence of the only issue of Cabaret Voltaire, the first publication by Hugo Ball and the birth of the DaDa movement.
    Apart from its historic context, I was taken by the graphic simplicity and the composition of the cover by Hans Arp.

    I always wanted to see the graphic block lifted as a 3d object and set off the background, and it ties nicely to some of our ongoing thoughts about jewellery and its context when it isn't being worn. 

    This deserves to be seen/enjoyed, and when it isn't being worn, it shouldn't be in a box in a drawer. Why not have an artwork become a wearable object, to spend most of it's time back on the wall as an artwork.

    stay tuned...

    ; )