From quiet confidence to bold statement, vintage to avant garde, subtle to outrageous. We make unique and interesting jewellery, of all types, for all people. From modest silver to magnificent platinum. Our pieces reflect their wearers and are imbued with their stories and personalities.

We love the variety of directions that our customers take us in and we are equally happy working on classical goldsmithing principles for traditional engagement rings, or designing modern forms for elegant and simple contemporary rings.

Each couple's stories provide the inspiration for the detail in their bespoke set of wedding rings, or perhaps it is a case of simply discovering the perfect foil and accompaniment to an existing engagement ring.

You can browse through our ready made pieces in our store. Or if there is the seed of an idea at the back of your mind for something personal, or for someone special, if you haven't quite been able to find the right thing, maybe it's time to call in and have a chat with us.